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This is nonsense, we all know that the real meaning to life, the universe, and everything is 42! I say that these hamsters are merely mouse brethren in another 3-dimensional representation of their pan dimensional bodies. They are really continuing experiments on us humans. When an article jumpstarts my brain—It is Damn Interesting. And this one is!

Well done, Matt! Some may have been allowed to live out their natural lives just to see how long they would live after such an event, but all were dissected in the end. Damn Interesting indeed! Glad to see another writer on the DI staff. Good thing the average pie serves eight! I have no clue. Any law junkies out there? Was he already dead when he was frozen or did he undergo a pre-emptive freezing?

Guess I was a little put off— damn you. How do you want to define death? Clinically, when every method available is used and still the body cannot function by that I mean eat, breath, pump blood on it own? When you start to smell real real bad?

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What is interesting is that in the Bible death is referred to as sleep. In fact until the second coming and the second death, no one is truelly gone. Wow, great thought-provoking article for a first attempt.

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I remember reading about a boy with a brain aneurysm that had to be surgically removed, and the only way they could it was to stop all his body functions by lowering his body temperature to near freezing point. The surgery was successful and the boy made a full recovery. I found the idea absolutely fascinating and makes me wonder if this has become common medical procedure. In that case, the Mill Hill experiments have already found their place in mainstream medicine! I seem to remember reading that they were looking at why hypothermia victims can often be resuscitated after being under the ice for relatively long periods and it seems that the being deprived of oxygen before or during the cold temperature has something to do with it.

The metabolism changes when deprived of Oxygen and this change might be beneficial to surviving the cold which in turn might make the body more resistant to damage from chemical breakdown. They were hoping that this knowledge, combined with other research into natural cryopreservation techniques of frogs and insects natural antifreeze chemicals would allow doctors to put patients in a kind of suspended animation state with no brain activity or heart beat.

This would be useful for very long surgeries especially on the heart itself.

I seem to remember that they had some success on large mammals like pigs or dogs. I must look into that to see if any follow up info is available. Mmmm good! Look out Campbells! As to the matter of a soul, eternal life, or the lacks thereof, we are still left with most things being a matter of faith or the absence of faith. Hall, I suggest you contact Troma Films— I predict you have good potential to be a screenwriter. First of all, Thank you Matt Castle,thank you.

That is some DI! We welcome you with open eyes and arms! LMAO,too funny! Thank you too, Ranen. I see a light at the end of the tunnnel….

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I just pictured a room full of eerily smart people surrounded by a batch of frozen hampsters, wondering how to warm them up. Then in true British fashion one of the scientists stopped stirring his steaming tea and removed the spoon; then the light-bulb went on…. DI article indeed! Perhaps the definition of life should also include the potential for life. Legally a frozen person is considered dead, whether or not they were alive when frozen though charges of murder have been brought when the freezing process is done as soon as possible.

A person brought back would probably be in the same situation that a person mistakenly declared dead — the law will recognize that they are alive, but if probate has occurred they can only get their stuff back if the recipient want to give it back. Religiously, did Jesus recognize the concept of the soul? Should the soul even be in Christianity? Philosophically, the Gaia hypothesis is interesting, though you can easily take it too far.

Reading this DI article reminded me of Pet Semetary the book, not the movie and how the pets were different after their reincarnation. Because the people who had been reincarnated were different, dangerous even. Tardigrades do a complete freeze-drying routine naturally and bounce back years later. Great job Mr.

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Would you like some hot tea with that big piece of pie you served up? LOL, yes Dear, and who could blame you. Though differant for each persons perspective and preconcieved ideas about life after death. Wonder if the NDE while under anesthesia, somehow warps the experiance, and the mind is unable to remember the profound, or as one suggested in another article, experianced great fear in a hellish way, not that I believe in hell; many do and has blocked it.

Or even if this could be the minds way of dealing with a form of post traumatic stress? One can not help but understand that any deep unconciousness would result in some brain damage. I think one of our commentors mentioned a bad acid LSD trip in his or her youth, and that changed this persons perspective in life profoundly. I think that comment was in the article about lucid dreaming…. I found this on Wikepedia, Tardigrades or water bears comprise the phylum Tardigrada. They are small, segmented animals, similar and probably related to the arthropods.


Tardigrades are small animals. The biggest adults may reach a body length of 1.

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Freshly hatched larvae may be smaller than 0. More than 1, species of tardigrades have been described.

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Tardigrades occur over the whole world, from the high Himalaya above 6, m to the deep sea below 4, m and from the polar regions to the equator. The most convenient place to find tardigrades is on lichens and mosses. Other environments are dunes, beaches, soil and marine or freshwater sediments, where they may occur quite frequently up to 25, animals per litre. So, um, there you have it. The Gaia Hypothesis is kind of a non-event as far as philosophical epiphanies go.

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Yes, of course the Earth Ecosystem has many similarities to life. The stock market. Gene fragments inside your DNA. Some types of computer viruses. Prions folding inside your brain. Life is an informational process, not strictly chemical or biological. Why is the pursuit of knowledge hampered by silly ethics like this?

They are just hamsters. Hell, it doesnt even matter that they are hamsters.. They could be kittens. Makes no difference. So long as its for a useful cause, whats the harm? Absolutely, and 2. As God, Jesus would have a pretty good grip on the concept. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Although the cells are living, the embryo does not feel pain, does not have a train of thought and cannot develop on its own. It is simply a parasite that we can take advantage of to successfully treat people with illnesses.

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If the experiments will benefit the human race AND the test subjects were created for this sole purpose humans excluded then go nuts. Some life is better than no life, in my humble opinion. We breed the cows…so there is no problem in eating them. Again, I disagree with the negative approach taken to stem cell research. I am also pro-choice. If stem cells are living beings and a fetus is a living being…. Does anybody feel deep guilt when they smash a mosquito that has been pestering them all night? That mosquito was just as, no MORE, of a living thing than anything involved in stem cell research.

If you step back and look at how we deal with things like this it makes you almost embarrassed. A dog suffers, we put it down humanely.