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The description of Kissing Test - Kiss Simulator
This First Kiss Between These Friends Is Awk AF - Lip Locked - MTV

The constant vibration would cause a major disruption in accuracy because the hairspring would be bouncing all over the place. Ball is slowly implementing the SpringLock system into more and more watches, which they can do as an upgrade to base ETA movements.

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Singer seems to be enjoying. Eric Singer is a well-known major watch lover, but when it comes down to it, Gene Simmons and most of Kiss are all pretty enthusiastic watch nerds. This is what you call serious real world testing when it comes to a new durability feature. Oh, and it goes with Kiss makeup. I had the double good fortune to meet both Philippe at a Ball dinner event and Eric at the Muhle booth at Baselworld Unlike some celebrities who just wear an expensive watch as a brand ambassador, Mr.

Singer is a true watch geek with a wide range of watch interests. And a nice guy too. Phillipe was understandably proud of Balls new springlock system. I think it is great that a relatively smaller, independent brand like Ball is doing real engineering and solving real world watch challenges.


Ball is much more than just a historical name to them. I thought that Kiss was an Artya band. Anyway, pretty cool and I like this trend of real-world experience to test watches.

No monetary compensation will be required. Please contact me so I can advise where to send the plane tickets. You have to take the lead here.

Before You Kiss The Bricks, Test Your Brickyard Knowledge

After your first time it will come naturally, and you will not have that awkward "first kiss" moment at the end of the date. Out of the four girls above, one ended with same night sex, the other a BJ, the third we banged on second date, and the fourth just happened last night. For the last girl after kissing twice I walked her to her car and we made out a bit more and I grabbed her ass she loved it and she wants to meet up again soon. Doing this demonstrates a few things: 1. You're not intimidated by women. You are confident to go for what you want.

To tell somebody that he is wrong is called criticism. To do so officially is called testing.

You are making it clear that you see her as a woman and that you desire her physically. You are a "fun" guy and you two will have "chemistry". This is how she interprets what you just did. I'll check back into this thread after I hang out with girl4 again, but it has worked well for me so far. Last edited: Jun 12, Read the 22 Rules for Massive Success with Women.

Everything you need to know to become a huge success with women. And it's free!

The Bride Test (The Kiss Quotient #2) – Lovely Ever After Book Rental

InnerHappiness Don Juan. Joined Jul 6, Messages Reaction score 9. A woman that wants to progress the relationship will decide within 5 minutes of you meeting her. I like to introduce a simple game like tic tac tow. If she wins, give her a high-five If she hangs onto it or as most would if they are interested, they will interlock their fingers with yours. Having said that, I wouldn't go for the kiss just yet in a crowded bar.

Perhaps the back of it and plant the random kiss.


If that takes places, it's a signal to move her to a different venue and progress from there. You never know where it leads, so always be on the offensive. You must log in or register to reply here.

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