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Yet every part of Scripture conveys specific, conceptual content irrespective of genre. As Ramm puts it,.

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Although they address the same issues of theological method and biblical authority, and both use Henry as their verbal sparring partner in regard to the nature of revelation, Grenz and Vanhoozer come to opposing conclusions. Grenz spars with Henry because they have very different views of revelation and biblical authority. Vanhoozer, on the other hand, challenges Henry due to a difference in emphasis. These are his own terms, perhaps encouraged by the postconservative context in which he delivered the original paper?

Vanhoozer has mined speech-act theory Austin and Searle for its contribution to the discussion, something that he has done more extensively in his Is There a Meaning in This Text?

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I have found the first half of the book very helpful. Henry would say, no. The word is used both ways in Scripture. In more traditional theological terms, this is the animation of the Word Heb. Revelation is not an ongoing act in this instance, but as people read and understand this verbal revelation it serves to instruct them—to challenge, rebuke, encourage, etc.

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Elwell, —82 Grand Rapids: Baker, , The OT does not express the concept of a written revelation by a noun form of hlfg f to reveal; there is no nominal form of this root that designates the content of the revelation , although the articular participle clearly has this meaning in Deut. The preceding context refers not only to the tyrib : covenant, v. Also the purpose clause at the end of v. Likewise in Rev. There must be an effable … and transcendent … word if theology is to be truly the knowledge of God.

There can be logia only as revelation is effable, and it can only be tou theou … only as it truly comes from God.

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The following bibliography is by no means a complete bibliography on this subject, though it does include a substantial amount of material beyond that which has been cited in the paper. I include it here for the benefit of those interested in pursuing the topic further. Austin, John L. How to Do Things with Words.

Edited by J.

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Grand Rapids: Zondervan, Brunner, Emil. The Christian Doctrine of God: Dogmatics, v. London: Lutterworth, Bultmann, Rudolph. Theology of the New Testament. Translated by K. London: SCM, — Cameron, Nigel M.

Psalm 33 • What is Worship?

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