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Is The Raw Food Diet Good?

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Their nutritional properties are essential to the proper maintenance of human bodily functions. Some contemporary famous raw foodists include raw chef Juliano , actress Demi Moore, and raw food book author, David Wolfe.

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Raw food enthusiasts proudly proclaim their break from an "addiction" to cooked and processed foods. They tell us that incorporating a few uncooked meals each week is a good start that will bring immediate changes to the body to feeling better and having more energy.

Even if you have a busy schedule, you can still find easy to prepare whole and rawfood recipes at your local health foods stores and natural food markets.

10 Benefits of Eating Raw Food

Going raw is a learning experience that requires patience and listening to the body's needs. The benefits of going raw-vegan are boundless. Rawfoods are easy to digest, and they provide the maximum amount of energy with minimal bodily effort. Studies have shown that living foods have healing powers that can alleviate many illnesses such as low energy, allergies, digestive disorders, weak immune system, high cholesterol, candida, obesity and weight problems weight normalization , etc.. Research and real life experiences have also shown that a person can prevent the body's healthy cells from turning into malignant cancerous cells by consuming mostly a raw food diet that includes whole organic foods!

Heat changes the makeup of food. Some believe that foods which have been heated lose all of their life force chi , and their beneficial enzymes are destroyed although research has shown that some vegetables actually have more utilizable nutrients once cooked, like tomatoes. The digestive system has to work harder and longer to process most cooked foods to get nutrition and energy from it.

Once cooked, food can lose up to 85 percent of its nutritional value.

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Raw foodists call that "dead food. Try eating a raw food diet and see if you can tell the difference! Maybe incorporate sprouts in your meals or salads to add fresh and vital nutrients to your raw diet. The sprouting process brings out many live enzymes and nutrients in the germinated seeds, legumes, and grains which in turn makes them easy to digest.

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  8. Sprouts are living foods that are full of pure vitamins and minerals, rich in chlorophyll, and a great source of plant protein. Disclaimer: The views expressed in articles published on HappyCow are those of the authors alone. They do not represent the views or opinions of HappyCow nor its staff. Some links in this article are possibly part of Amazon's affiliate program, so when you make a purchase a small amount will go to support the HappyCow website.

    This information is not intended to replace the diagnosis, treatment and services of a physician. Any recommendations and indications are at the user's discretion. Some cultures, conveniently in regions of prolonged growing seasons, shun all meat as unnatural.

    That said, humans have always eaten some cooked food. So, too, do many land animals; and so did our human ancestors. Largely in the form of roasted grasshoppers or other small critters caught in forest fires and brushfires. Fire foraging was quite natural and helped secure our survival.

    This is how we developed the taste for cooked food. Another main claim by raw food advocates is that heat from cooking destroys enzymes in the food.

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    Enzymes are proteins that serve as catalysts for specific biochemical reactions in the body. There are indeed many forms of enzymes. There are plant enzymes, digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes, for example. And, yes, heat can destroy enzymes.

    But plant enzymes, which raw dieters wish to preserve, are largely mashed up with other proteins and rendered useless by acids in the stomach. Not cooking them doesn't save them from this fate. Anyway, the plant enzymes were for the plants. They helped with the plants' growth, and they are responsible for the wilting and decomposition of plants after they are harvested. They are not needed for human digestion.

    Human digestive enzymes are used for human digestion. Raw foods certainly aren't safer than cooked food, as some claim. Most commercial chicken and a good deal of beef and pork, sadly, are loaded with bacteria and parasites.

    The raw food diet: Types, benefits, and risks

    Cooking kills this, unless the meat is rancid. Major and surprising sources of food-borne illness, however, are raw sprouts, green onions and lettuce. These must be washed thoroughly before consumption. Raw unpasteurized milk is dangerous and mostly illegal to buy; trust your source.


    Raw sprouted kidney beans and rhubarb are poisonous. Despite major flaws in the raw diet philosophy, one needs to question why a so-called natural diet leaves the dieter dependent on pills for B12 impossible to get without animal products, such as meat or eggs or zinc very hard to get on a raw diet. Amusingly, the raw diet pits one questionable food philosophy against another, the macrobiotic diet.