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Talking with Your Kids about God is the most important Christian parenting book you will buy this year. Natasha Crain has masterfully crafted a practical, engaging resource that will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to have meaningful conversations with your kids.

This book will change that. Natasha has written a smart, accessible, and winsome guide for parents who are eager to lead their kids to the truth. As an evangelist who spends much of my time talking with those who have doubts and questions about God—and as the father of two young children—I highly recommend Talking with Your Kids about God.

Talking with Your Kids about God is an outstanding resource for equipping parents with the techniques and knowledge they need to have effective conversations with their children about the truths of Christianity. Natasha Crain has done an extraordinary job of distilling a large body of material into readable and interesting chapters that can be tackled by topic. As a scholar in the field of science and religion, I was particularly impressed with her treatment of the scientific issues that intersect with the Christian faith.

If you want your kids to develop a well-reasoned, evidence-based faith that can withstand the onslaught of cultural attacks, buy this book today! Natasha Crain makes complex scientific and theological issues accessible for concerned parents like you and me. Your entire family will benefit from this important resource! All across the country and around the world, I get asked the same questions over and over again: How do I talk to my kids about the tough questions they will have about God? Are there any books out there that can help me? I can now answer both questions with one answer: this book.

Easy to read and easy to use, this book will help you to have the important, insightful, and intelligent conversations you need to have with your kids about God.

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Talking with Your Kids about God is a fantastic tool to make those conversations easy and natural. As a homeschooling mother, it is imperative to me that my children know what they believe and why.

6 Amazing Scientific Facts of the Bible - Proof for God

The curriculum-style format makes this a fantastic resource for homeschoolers, Sunday school classes, or small groups, equipping the next generation with the greatest gift we can give them: a deeply rooted faith that can withstand the storms of doubt, skepticism, and an increasingly hostile culture. About the Book. Order Now. Table of Contents. What can we learn about God from nature? Item s Added To cart Qty. If you are a new user Register login.

4 Key Points Christian Kids Need to Understand About Evolution

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2. Science and religion in Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism

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Differences in religious belief cause the most harm in situations in which nonreligious kids live in moderately religious households, as opposed to those where moderately religious kids live in very religious households. But for many younger families, religious institutions provide a support network, a system of beliefs and practices to instill their children, and a formal setting in which to share experiences and time with their kids. Studies have shown that there is no moral difference between children who are raised as religious and those raised secular or non-believing.

Moral intuitions arise on their own in children, independently of religious understanding: For example, as Jenny Anderson writes in Quartz , kids as young as four years old want to cooperate and intuitively dislike freeloaders. Studies have shown that even the youngest kids show signs of understanding the importance of being helpful. A great example of this comes from indigenous families in Mexico and Guatemala, where children often volunteer to help around the house in ways that might well inspire envy among other parents.

A lot of prominent atheists assume the opposite. Read more from our series on Rewiring Childhood. This reporting is part of a series supported by a grant from the Bernard van Leer Foundation.