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In the morning, she goes to wake Marie so they won't be late for the test A man is staying in a hotel for the weekend. On his way to his room, he notices a closed door with no number on it. When he asks about it, he is told that no one is allowed in that room. Curious, he stops to peer in the keyhole on the next night, and sees a normal hotel room, with a very pale woman lying on the bed. He goes on his way. But the next night, he's just too curious and looks through the keyhole again: this time, all he can see is red.

Just red. He goes to ask the woman at the front desk about the room again, and she finally tells him the truth: a woman was murdered in that room years ago. An albino woman, with white skin A babysitter has been hired to watch two children for the night. After she puts the kids to bed, the parents ask that she watches TV in their bedroom upstairs, because the children have been having nightmares recently. She puts the kids to bed easily enough, and settles in the parents' room to watch TV. But in the corner of the room there's a large, creepy clown statue, about life-sized.

She tries to ignore it, but it's just too creepy. Finally, she calls the dad to ask if she can watch TV downstairs instead.

She tells him that the clown statue is just creeping her out too much. There's a pause. A couple are driving late at night, when they notice a girl hitchhiking. They pick her up, and she thanks them profusely and gives them a nearby address. They drive her home, trying to make polite conversation. But after a few minutes, the girl falls silent. The driver asks if they've reached the right intersection, but when they turn to the backseat the girl is gone. She's vanished without a trace.

When they reach the address she gave them, an elderly couple greets them at the door. They don't know of any girl A girl is just a little afraid of the dark, so every night her dog sleeps under her bed.

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    11 Best Campfire Stories For Kids

    Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Tim Bell. Writer: Tim Bell. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Upcomming - Tales of the dark. Movies in short story form. Share this Rating Title: Tales from the Campfire 7. Use the HTML below.

    Campfire Stories

    You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Zombies Additional Voices voice James Bernard Adam Cody Bolton Ethan Shannon Tatlock Jade Brad Butland Vincent Jeff Pinnell Jake Erin Hay In a paper published Monday in PNAS, she argues that conversations that take place at night around a fire have a different quality, and different content, than those that take place during the day. Today they make only a small part of their living foraging.

    Wiessner originally made the recordings hoping to learn how this group of people established and maintained social networks across a vast area of miles.

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    But recently, she revisited the recordings to see how interactions among members of the community differed during the day and at night. She also returned to Namibia three times between and to digitally record stories from people she knew in the s. The conversations she collected were generally among at least four or five adults and lasted for 20 to 30 minutes. Thirty-four percent were devoted to criticisms, complaints and conflict, which was sometimes used to regulate social norms.

    The art of telling the perfect campfire horror story

    They would space travel and talk about group gatherings happening far away, they would cross time to their forefathers, and they traveled, in the stories, to other realms. From these stories, mostly about the adventures of known people, the multigenerational audience could glean information about the workings of their society, the rules of marriage and kinship, and learn regional traditions.

    Also, through hearing about the experiences of other people, the listeners gained empathy, Wiessner said. Another line of inquiry: How does the lack of firelight and storytelling time in our modern lives affect our society and our own individual sense of empathy?