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Each question contained five statements and the rating scale was measured as follows: positive statement with choices strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, and strongly disagree and scores 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, respectively.

Section 4: practice of pharmacists on MTM service c This section consisted of 12 questions used to assess the practice of pharmacists on MTM service, the compliance and state the barriers that might affect providing MTM service in hospital setting. Open in a separate window.

Results Demographic information A total of questionnaires were distributed and 93 questionnaires were returned with response rate of Table 2 Sociodemographic data. Table 4 Distribution of knowledge level regarding medication therapy management service. Table 5 The level of knowledge about medication therapy management service based on sociodemographic characteristics. Table 8 The differences in total score of KAP based on sociodemographic variables. Strength and limitations This is the first cross-sectional study conducted in Malaysia regarding medication therapy management.

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Recommendations This study found that pharmacists had high level of knowledge and positive attitudes regarding MTM service, so further studies at other hospitals around Malaysia is recommended to take bigger picture about implementing MTM service in Malaysia.

Acknowledgments The authors acknowledge all participating pharmacists who have spent their valuable time to fill the questionnaire. Funding None.

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Availability of data and materials All data generated or analyzed during this study are included in this article. Consent for publication Not applicable. Competing interests The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest in this work. References 1.

Medication therapy management: its relationship to patient counseling, disease management, and pharmaceutical care. Journal of the American Pharmacists Association. The Asheville project: long-term clinical, humanistic, and economic outcomes of a community-based medication therapy management program for asthma. J Pharm Pract.

Bluml BM. Definition of medication therapy management: development of professionwide consensus. Medication therapy management services. By very basic, I mean without drop-down lists and as many options for customization as could possibly be crammed into one spreadsheet! I had been printing out the workout templates and then filling them in by hand. I realize not everyone uses the FMS in their business, therefore I organized things so that one could disregard the correctives as they saw fit.

I also realize that my way of things may not be entirely in line with how others do things, and that is perfectly okay. One must have a working knowledge of the basic exercises, coupled with the ability to do a little searching on the internet for the variations that may be unfamiliar. I feel this is a tremendous resource in itself. For those who do not have a system in place, this ebook is gold. I go through each exercise in detail and demonstrate as I explain.

I feel that videos get the point across much better than pictures! The warm-up video is over ten minutes long! I am uploading the vids to my YouTube channel and they will be password-protected.

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No whining, no complaining, and no quitting! Great stuff! Instead, I videoed myself explaining and demonstrating exercises. As usual, we had a few funny moments! Eligibility for the condition care program is based on a diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart failure, or hyperlipidemia or elevation of lipid or glucose levels. Findings are summarized for employers after the initial wellness screening and at six-month intervals.

Patients receiving condition care sign a customized contract, establish goals, attend up to four MTM sessions per year, and track their information on a website; employers may offer incentives for participation. When pharmacists recommend adjustments to therapy or cost-saving changes, it is up to patients to discuss these with their physician.

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A survey completed by each patient after the initial wellness session has indicated high satisfaction. For the health system, the program has been financially sustainable. Key laboratory values indicate positive clinical. Mapping the route to medication therapy management documentation and billing standardization and interoperabilility within the health care system: meeting proceedings. To convene a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss medication therapy management MTM documentation and billing standardization and its interoperability within the health care system.

The American Pharmacists Association APhA organized the invitational conference to facilitate discussion on strategic directions for meeting current market need for MTM documentation and billing interoperability and future market needs for MTM integration into electronic health records EHRs. APhA recently adopted policy that specifically addresses technology barriers and encourages the use and development of standardized systems for the documentation and billing of MTM services. After hearing presentations on day 1 and having the opportunity to pose questions to each speaker, conference participants were divided into three breakout groups on day 2.

Each group met three times for 60 minutes each and discussed five questions from the perspective of a patient, provider, or payer. Three facilitators met with each of the groups and led discussion from one perspective i. Participants then reconvened as a complete group to participate in a discussion on next steps.

HIT is expected to assist in delivering safe, effective, efficient, coordinated care as health professionals strive to improve the quality of care and outcomes for individual patients. The pharmacy profession is actively contributing to quality patient care through MTM services. Integrating pharmacogenomics into pharmacy practice via medication therapy management. To explore the application and integration of pharmacogenomics in pharmacy clinical practice via medication therapy management MTM to improve patient care.

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Participants at the Stakeholder Workshop included diverse representatives from pharmacy, medicine, pathology, health information technology HIT , standards, science, academia, government, and others with a key interest in the clinical application of pharmacogenomics. In , HHS initiated the Personalized Health Care Initiative with the goal of building the foundation for the delivery of gene-based care, which may prove to be more effective for large patient subpopulations. In the years since the initiative was launched, drug manufacturers and FDA have begun to incorporate pharmacogenomic data and applications of this information into the drug development, labeling, and approval processes.

New applications and processes for using this emerging pharmacogenomics data are needed to effectively integrate this information into clinical practice. Building from the findings of a stakeholder workshop convened by APhA and the advancement of the pharmacist's collaborative role in patient care through MTM , emerging roles for pharmacists using pharmacogenomic information to improve patient care are taking hold. Realizing the potential role of the pharmacist in pharmacogenomics through MTM will require connectivity of pharmacists into the electronic health record infrastructure to permit the exchange of pertinent health information among all members of a patient's health care team.

Addressing current barriers, concerns, and system limitations and developing.

Medication therapy management and complex patients with disability: a randomized controlled trial.