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When Richter flees to Berlin, McGrave chases after him But McGrave doesn't care Hold on tight for a wild, rollicking, action-adventure novella that captures all of the fun, excitement and pure escapist pleasure of the "Dirty Harry," "Lethal Weapon" and "Die Hard" movies For those of you who thrill to the throaty roar of a V-8 engine and long for the days when policework came from Bruce Willis University, Lee Goldberg has got a read for you.

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A new lawman-in-new-territory series. McGrave is everything I've been waiting for. The L. This a first-rate, one-night read. For me it's a five-star implementation of a five-star idea," Mugshots Blog "Goldberg pulls off a very neat trick, producing a yarn that's part serious, part satire, and all action. It seems like I had a grin on my face the whole time I was reading it.

I loved it," James Reasoner, author of Texas Wind "This book is the literary equivalent of buffalo wings and boilermakers. Non-stop action and a lot of laughs. Reading it was like watching a great action movie. Product Details About the Author.

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About the Author. As an international television consultant, he has advised networks and studios in Canada, France, Germany, Spain, China, Sweden, and the Netherlands on the creation, writing and production of episodic television series. He recently founded, with author Joel Goldman, the publishing company Brash Books. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

Ella's dedicated fans have long dreamed of the bestselling, critically acclaimed series coming to View Product.

An Angel Among Us. This is the story of one family's 35 year experience with a profound developmental disability. This extraordinary journey has changed their view of the world, rearranged priorities and transformed their lives.

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Scott has Angelman Syndrome, a genetic aberration of the Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles. Who is behind the most successful startups in LA?

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Why is the tech community in An owner who is aware of the likelihood of conduct by third parties that would endanger visitors, is obligated to take reasonable precautions to minimize the risk of criminal acts and to make the premises safe, Alonso v. Branchinelli, AD2d 2d Dept.

Applying these principles to the facts reveals that there is no merit to the claims against the moving property owners and that summary judgment dismissing the action against them is appropriate. Plaintiff does not dispute entitlement to summary judgment by movants but does argue that the application for costs should be denied because it was not readily apparent that the movants had no legal or factual connection to the criminal event.

Yan v.

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Klein, 35 AD3d 2d Dept. Heilbut, 18 AD3d 1 1st Dept.

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Although at times an evidentiary hearing is required to make a determination of whether costs should be imposed, Walker v. Weinstock, AD2d 2d Dept. Hence, in this instance it is not necessary to hold an evidentiary hearing on the issue of whether plaintiff's conduct was frivolous, Gordon v. Marrone, AD2d 2d Dept.

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The Court finds that there came a time during this litigation, prior to the making of this motion when a cursory analysis of the well settled legal principles and rudimentary facts should have made apparent to plaintiff's counsel that there was no merit to the claims against the movants and thus the action should not have been continued. Mitchell v.

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Herald Company, AD2d 4th Dept. To continue this action and to require defendants to make this motion was thus frivolous, within the meaning of the above statutes and regulations, thereby entitling defendants to costs. Enter your email. Eggink v McGrave Annotate this Case.

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This opinion is uncorrected and will not be published in the printed Official Reports. By: Joseph W. Sands, Esq.