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It Is Time 2 Unmask the Real YOU (An Interactive Workbook to Wholeness with a Healing Coach)

Unity In Marin is holding our first Hoedown. Cash bar. Let all my thoughts be still. What is the secret to a quiet mind? It is in learning to forgive and love others, we learn to love ourselves. In joining with others we dissolve our separate boundaries and find a greater Identity beyond our individual minds.

Books will be available at no cost to those who attend the classes. Donations are gladly accepted to support our program at A Center for Inner Peace Mondays, starting January 6th — to pm. In preparation for the Text of A Course in Miracles we will start with Dialogue on Awakening, an approachable, excellent "channeled" companion book to the Course — If you are presently a student of the Course, Dialogue can further you on your path to opening your heart to the divine self.

If you are new to the Course, you are in for a wonderful, wonderful treat. The sessions are enhanced by anecdotes shared during class discussion. Have some free time in the day? It is where we find the willingness to challenge every belief we now hold and enter a world of freedom where the Love of God is all that exists. I invite you to join us in our spiritual quest and respectfully look forward in sharing these classes with you.

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If you Know your Vision, you will Know Success. What is your vision? What resolutions and goals are you really ready to commit to?

It Is Time 2 Unmask The Real You!: An Interactive Workbook To Wholeness With A Healing Coach

What would constitute success? Take some time to really reflect on this question. I will outline some very practical steps that will help us clarify what our goals are and also provide a format for keeping them current in our consciousness. After the 2nd service I will be conducting the first of a four week "Turning Resolutions into Realities" workshop. Come if you are serious about making your dreams come true. I will continue to compare the journeys of Siddhartha and Jesus to our journey of change and transformation.

We have. I will challenge you with new ideas and new approaches to the ideas of overcoming obstacles.

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As I did last year, I continue to hold all of your resolutions in prayer. If you would like me to hold your resolutions in prayer simply make a copy of your resolutions and leave them in my mailbox outside my office and I will hold them in prayer every day this year. Come join me as we continue our journey. Do not be afraid.

We continue our journey of Turning Resolutions into Realities. We have seen how much both of these men have in common and those similarities continue to mirror each other as I talk about Fearless Living. Lives are being changed by the implementation of the ideas we have.

Healing, Financial improvement, New Relationships formed, and the world being changed as a result of some of these accomplishments. You will come away inspired. All things are possible! Come participate in our Valentine Boutique Arts and Crafts fair. We will be selling after each service in the courtyard. Deadline for. For more information and to register contact Pat Tostenson, jptostenson gmail.

All of the. Yet there is a world of difference between knowing this conceptually, and genuinely residing in the indestructible presence of true nature.

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Tasting who we are deeper than our ego asks for a willingness to surrender all we think we know, all we think we are. But how? What do we meet along the way? What are the obstacles? What can support us and make the process more graceful? We can witness our usual habits of grasping, rejecting and judging and learn to be be present and undefended.

Embracing the virtues that support us to BE, we become more available to grace, so the sacred presence can find us in less resistance. In this evening talk Miranda will share rich insights about the perennial spiritual invitation and work experientially with people.

About Miranda: Miranda Macpherson is known for her depth of presence and refined capacity as a guide into direct spiritual experience. She teaches and transmits a powerful synthesis of self-inquiry, depth psychology, devotion and meditation practices. Her love and clarity offers a deep holding in which to taste greater dimensions of consciousness and explore integration into daily life. Miranda founded the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in London, training over counselors and interfaith ministers. Sunday, January 19th PM - PM Location: Sanctuary King was a great man, but behind every great man are the women who stood by him and helped to motivate his greatness.

The dream is not finished. Come empower the young people who carry on the dream. I believe you can further your journey with this great meditative. Bill teaches us to keep our resolutions posted around us. Your portable vision board will help you do that. As you fill your board you will be focusing on what you want for a realized life. I carried mine all last year and even took it to Paris for my wall decor.

Cost includes, instruction, portable vision board and booklet. Sign up with Charselle at the Hospitality table in the courtyard. This sonic and visual meditation reminds us of how Divine love is expressing Itself everywhere all around. Duplicate AM - PM. Travel as a group with Unity In Marin members and Rev. Bill to see and experience the healing energy found at Unity Village.

Come experience the beautiful new "Awaken Whole Life Center" there. See the new brochure that includes the itinerary and guest speakers. For more info, please contact Kris Bowman: kris unityinmarin. Bring a dish to share and come prepared with your questions about youth education and. We are blessed to have Rev. Joanne here with us in our community! Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the Unity Movement's experts on Youth Education. She has offered to join us and educate or refresh us on how to move properly in order to eliminate back and. She is active in the fitness community teaching yoga and Pilates classes at several locations.

Joanne Burns will be leading a full day training for folks working in Youth and Family Ministry and those who would like to know more about. Spiritual Education and Youth. This will be a Regional event, so space will be limited.

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It is held once a month, on the second Sunday of each month. This group is open to all parents,. Arrangements for childcare must be prearranged with Kris Bowman. The group meets once a month, on the second Sunday of each month. Open to all parents. Arrangements for child care must be prearranged with Kris Bowman: kris unityinmarin.

Connect. Grow. Serve.

This workshop is an invitation to deeply use Mind to. We spend these three weeks before Lent fine-tuning the awareness of Spirit as the dominating mind force. Our whole life responds to this kind of change in mind! We each create a personal road-map for the forty days of Lent; part of the path of our own awakening. Hands on silent prayer and spoken prayer from prayer chaplains will be offered. Special music provided by Norlin Merritt.

Musical inspirational provided by Joshua Holmes. It will be an uplifting evening of connecting, sharing,. Bring your own picnic from , a story to share, and enjoy the fellowship of our community. Each has the power to transform us, to help us "awaken our imprisoned splendor. We provide the chocolate dark. Pat Palmer with transformative music by Chantal Charbonneau.

Is there someone in your life that tends to push your buttons? What happens in us when those buttons get pushed and. Can we communicate from a place of non-judgment and express our needs in a courageous and empathetic way?