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Break The Barriers Holding You Back

Firstly, I dreamt of plenty flies inside and outside my kitchen and I killed them with insecticide. Secondly, I dreamt of picking and licking ripe cherries from the tree. Thirdly, I dream that my counsin cooked yam porridge and served me and I ate it. Please kindly interpret these three different dreams to me. Thank you Evangelist, but I see a ghost coming after me in the form of a fire ball.

It always seems as if I would be so afraid and it comes right at me, I close my eyes in fear always. Good day sir man of God,I was in my dream when I saw myself holding a 4lts keg of vegetable oil,but before I left the place where I held the keg of oil,I just discovered that,I had gone far before I remembered that I have forgotten or left it behind.

What does this mean sir? Blessings i keep dreaming of arguing with my pastors wife. Another time I dreamt that the pastors wife was terminally ill. Then I dreamt walking into my old apartment I use to live in as a child.

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Pm sir,firstly,i dreamt of my sister in-law that she want to travel out and i cried and prayed alot.. Secondly i dreamt of rainfalling so i remember that my husband jean is outside so i ran out to pick the jean the beat me so much that my cloth soaked,so i woked up to see that rain is not falling,i just went to pick the jean,please sir enlighten me. Hello pastor, isometimes dream urinating alot of urine.

Break The Barriers Holding You Back

I sometimes dream killing dogs in my dream. Pray and fast for more grace as the Lord is empowering you to break out from the powers of list and formication. Enemies have also given you some demonic substance to drink and the Holy Spirit is helping you to flush them out. Naturally we dedicate and urinate whenever our bowels and bladders are filled up respectively. Return all glory to God because you are on your way to making greater progress in life in Jesus name, Amen.

Pray and fast for more grace as the Lord is empowering you to break out from the powers of lust and formication. When a pastor is fOrd of giving a gift without the receipt, what does it mean. Is there any spiritual,meaning to it. Am delighted with this page!!!! I always and repeatedly dream that am back in school, what does it mean,Pastor help. Am delighted with this page!!! I always and repeatedly dream that am back in school, what does it mean, please helpe. God bless you and your ministry sir, infact you have enlightened my insight concerning dreams and interpretation.

More grace Man of God. God bless and give you more grace to carry on the good works sir, Amen! In my shocked state, i told her i was going to check the church for her.

Please what does this dream means? I also dreamt of a lady after asking me to sit down, asked if i was on my period, which i responded yes, and she smiled and i asked her how she knew she just looked at me. Lo and behold, i perceived the smell and when i checked my back, i saw blood stain at the back of my white shirt and i was surprised how the stain got to my shirt and not my skirt or panties, while i was contemplating on what to do with the shirt, i woke up.

Thomas Jefferson's Legacy in Gardening and Food

Please Sir, what does this means? Pls sir interpret this dream for me. I dreamt of drying yam coated with egg and I was eating it as I was frying. And my peers were sitting down gisting as I was eating. Thank you Man of God. Hey man of God, I just discovered thi page two days ago thru googling for a the meaning of a dream, wow I cant get enuf of your prayer points especialy for the firsborns and bissiness. Thank you so much. May God bless you. I had a dream sir and pigs where chasing me in the dream and I had a bruises fighting with them and then later I saw my step sister confessing that she was the one who sent the pigs to kill me and I forgave her.

Stolen Child

I dream of my ex boy friend her girlfriend want to sit on my bag in a dream I shot on her to get up DAT if she sit on it I will beat her and tro her outside dem DAT my exboy now take her to the other side. Dear Sir, I had a dream where I was in the company of my inlaw and joined him in plucking a ripe avocado pear and after tasting the first one went ahead to pluck more. Kindly help me with the meaning of this dream. God bless u sir, I was having a dancing competition with someone and I dance more than the guy but they gave victory to the guy not me. I had a dream in which I walked into an area with overflowing toilet waste.

When I discovered what happened, I found myself looking for water to wash my slippers and my legs. It was then I discovered that the waste has mixture of engine oil because my hands, legs and slippers were greasy. What is this supposed to mean? God bless you Sir. I had a dream where i was giving one thousand naira by a family friend who is very wealthy.

She could not make my ordination this month but the husband sent me some money as she travelled out of the country. But in that dream, she told me she will still give me more money as she had some little on her but she was happy in that dream. Please i need to understand.

Good morning. I dreamt of two powerful kings of Yoruba land been in a music show. One of the king was dancing to the song while the other king sat on his royal sit. He begun to dance when another musician was singing for him. Please what this dream means. That signal a problem of royal-ship in the land.

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  • This dream explain the purpose of two personalities creating enmity between themselves. Hello man of God, I dreamt seeing a man recording music using old technology ie video tapes, in a city suburb. Similar to what I had in the past. Hair connotes ones glory, power. Read the story of Samson how he was stripped of his power and glory through the cutting off of his hairs. Beware of the one that cuts it off and make adjustment to your life if you were the one that cuts it off yourself.

    Pray and fast about and most especially we should be more closer to God and study His words at all times. Dear pastor I dreamt that I was playing football and my team won the the game by 4 goals while the opposing team had 0. May God bless you so much Pastor, the Holy Spirit helped me to find your site now two weeks ago but it is so resourceful to me. Be blessed times in Jesus Mighty Name. I dream of open a car door and sound message of praying for you with a high tone pitch.

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    What does this mean? Thank you for your help. Today just wokeup from a dream and am very sad. I had a dream where I saw a young woman sitting beside a grave and when I got she was talking as if she goes into the grave she will not come out. I walked pass inside the room but while I was there my spirit ministered to me to stop the lady from entering the grave rather I should pray for her, I stood up to call her then I saw an image covered up with a pink tower as moved closer to find out who it was, she unveiled herself her very dark with sharp shining eyes and she entered into my body.

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    Later on they came together and we were about to start praying and I woke up. I had a dream that their was an heavy rain.. I waited the rain out,after it stopped I left the place with my sister with a bucket full of garri. Hello pastor. Am blessed with your website.