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Award Winning Comedy

Using their extremely high IQs, plunger arrows, and a huge stealth unicycle, their original comedy and "special" tricks are bound to save the day.

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The show is action-packed stunt-comedy for all ages. They have performed Her Majesty's Secret Circus Show, an action-packed spy-fi comedy show, since A juggling and circus enthusiast for nearly 20 years, Brent started performing professionally in and has toured all over the planet. He has studied with master eccentric, Avner Eisenburg; improv guru, Keith Johnstone; and juggling world champion, Fritz Grobe.

Nightcore - Circus -- Lyrics

He loves his job. She is a producer and co-founder of Vermont Vaudeville.

From one circus to another

Load More Follow on Instagram. They rated you two better than the live animals we had the night before. Boy, that says a lot to beat out a cuddly little hedgehog, a great horned owl and a giant porcupine. Skip to content On a Mission.

Her Majesty's Secret Circus Show – INTERNATIONAL COMIC ESPIONAGE

Award Winning Comedy. Tumble Circus provide a unique experience of innovative and contemporary Irish circus, specializing in high skill circus — theatre — comedy indoors and outdoors.

Their shows are an absurd jaunt into the soul of man, alive with the endless possibility of the human body, the joy of performing, and the humanity of success and failure. Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things!

At the core of Tumble Circus is a dedication to training, learning and constantly pushing the boundaries of their own work. Tumble Circus is supported by Arts Council of N.


He entered the world of entertainment at a very early age. By the time he was 13 he was watching at least 7 hours of television a night. In Ken began traveling with his juggling equipment on the continent, bumbling through Holland, down to France, and settling for a time in Spain. On his travels he met up with buskers, street performers and artists and became inspired with their work and their way of life.

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He began believing he could live the way they did.